A week after the first group, we welcomed another school, Roding Valley High School, to Epping Forest, Essex, UK. This group of budding entrepreneurs were just as enthusiastic as the first; working as teams to uncover the benefits of the forest, discovering the downsides of recycling in an entertaining way and exploring the underwater world of a freshwater pond, which proved a great hit amongst the students. A favourite catch was the huge water beetle and the freshwater boatmen, who both breathe by coming up to the surface and grabbing a bubble of air, which they carry around with them to breathe from. Could we copy that natural technology and design an innovative underwater breathing system for humans?

“I learnt that trees are crucial for our world” Student

(Recycling) “It all ends up in landfill eventually!” Student

“I enjoyed pond dipping the most as it was a great experience” Student.

“Students¬†should be taught all their lessons like this. They will never forget what they did here in the forest” Teacher


Recycling game

Exploring woodland benefits

One group found a huge water beetle.

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