About project

Europe needs more young people with green entrepreneurship skills.  The GEE project has been created to help schools develop their pupils’ skills and competencies so they can play an active role in developing the green economy.

GEE supports teachers to do this using learning outside the classroom and real world learning and will provide:

  • Learning packs
  • Field trips
  • Teacher training and teacher support
  • Coffee House Challenge (CHC) informal meetings
  • Business case studies
  • Green business plans
  • Linking schools with businesses
  • Project website

Project aim
To improve the key competencies and skills of young people to take an active role in building the green economy and strengthen cooperation between school and the world of work.’

This will be achieved through the following main objectives:

  • Improve the capacity of schools to connect learning with the world of work within the context of building a green economy.
  • Provide pupils with a range of meaningful real-world experiences linking the classroom with business and entrepreneurship.
  • Develop the skills and competencies of pupils to rethink business models in-line with the need to build a green economy.
  • Enhance the ability of teachers to teach entrepreneurship.
  • Increase the sharing of educational resources for schools across Europe.
  • Share and enhance good practice in integrating sustainable development into business thinking.

Who are we
Five European countries are joining together for this innovative project: Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Spain and the UK, all sharing the same goal of a greener Europe with more sustainable businesses.

Our consortium is made up of environmental educators and entrepreneurs/business; a unique combination. Traditionally seen as opposed, we will bring together business and the environment to explore the creative potential this has for learning and the green economy.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.


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