GEE partners from the 5 countries (UK, Romania, Spain, Latvia and Bulgaria) met for the final translation meeting in Târgu Mureș, Romania. As well as celebrating successes and discussing difficulties, partners were able to experience some Romanian entrepreneurship during a trip to the village of Corund. The trip was organised by local tour operator, ‘Slow Tours’ who are fighting against unsustainable mass tourism in the area.  During the trip, partners met a family making crafts from mushrooms, a family of very skilled potters making beautiful ceramics, producers of locally grown jams and syrups and a new museum all about a locally mined stone called aragonite. Partners were treated to lunch at a farm up in the hills, by a family who are completely self- sufficient in food, making and smoking their own cheese, growing fruits and vegetables and growing feed for their animals. This inspirational trip left the partners feeling inspired and excited about bringing all their ideas and hard work together in the final 2 months of the project.



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